Digital Video

Digital Video

We provide our clients with pre to post production digital video services for all your online needs. Or you may choose to bring a sense of interactivity to your high-definition multimedia advertising campaign. We also provide professional Flash animations or 3D animations helping to bring your products to life.

Whether you need digital photography, highly-optimized web content, artistic creative designs, e-commerce solutions, digital video, or the latest in webcasting, please contact Entropic Studio.

Bring a sense of interactivity to your multimedia advertising campaign. Whether this is with a professional Flash animation or a 3D animation that allows your products come to life.  Entropic Studio can create 3D models of your products and animate them for your website or for presentations to potential buyers.

Whether its general 3D animation or macromedia flash animation, we are the best solution for your animation needs.

Video & Animation Services

  • Concept development, preproduction
  • On-location video production
  • Editing on digital, non-linear systems
  • Encoding for any delivery format – Real Video, MPEG, AVI
  • 3D Design and Modeling
  • 2D Flash Animation
  • Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash Video