• Dojo

    This is an image created by a special 3D software called Modo. This image is put together using a 3D rendered dojo from the Modo gallery. Download "Dojo"

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  • Geometry

    for those of us who have an affinity towards the geometric arts. This is a tribute to sacred geometry featuring the Tree of life, the Flower of life, Hexagram as well as the Unicursal hexagram. Download "Geometry"

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  • Darth Lord

    More from the Modo gallery. this bundle is especially creepy at night. use the clear, focused image as a lock screen and the blurred image as a home page wallpaper. creep out your friends or anyone "sneaking" into your phone... Download "Darth Lord" Bundle

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  • Winter Tree

    Another Modo gallery creation. Download "Winter tree"

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  • Light Bulb

    Looking for that special inspiration? maybe this Modo gallery creation can shed a little light on the subject... Download "Light Bulb"

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  • Tea Pots

    One of the earliest 3D creations in history was a tea pot. The teapot was made by Melitta in 1974 and originally belonged to Martin Newell and his wife, Sandra. It's popularity comes from it being a useful object to test with during the earliest stages of the 3D development - It's instantly recognisable, it has complex topology, it self-shadows, there are hidden surface issues, it has both convex and concave surfaces - as well

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