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We don't just make pretty websites
We believe that a quality product emerges through brilliant ideas of the client, the imagination of our creative designers, and the expertise of our development team.

Entropic Studio, was founded in 1999, we are a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly design and production facility offering everything from creative print design to web development & internet marketing to digital video.

Whether you need digital photography, highly-optimized web content, artistic creative designs, e-commerce enabling, digital video, or the latest in webcasting, contact Entropic Studio for a free quote.

We like to keep clients informed of our process through each stage of a project from launch to completion. In this way we not only encourage their commitment and foster productive interaction but we also empower them with stewardship of their campaign going forward.

We have longevity in our business, and in our client relationships. We embrace the major trends impacting our profession — like Web 2.0, on-demand services and wireless mobility — because it keeps our creative minds open and our services relevant to your marketing communications needs going forward.

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We are an environmentally conscious design firm.

Todd Walker

Todd Walker comes from an architectural background, having worked professionally in that field for over 7 years. Todd chose to go back to school to study art, design, and technology. While in school he started to put together a team of like minded artists to work together on projects that ranged from web design and print design to digital video and motion graphics. Whether Todd is working on preliminary sketches, project managing or art directing, he brings creativity, experience and a high level of professionalism to each and every project. Todd brings his love for creativity to every project, and makes it a point to stay up on the latest in design and technology.

Todd is a father of 2 and loves to travel with his family as much as possible. He loves mountain biking, CrossFit, camping, snowboarding, hiking, shooting video and taking lots and lots of photos.

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Jeffrey Eric

Jeffrey Eric has been studying design since childhood. His early fascination with design – color, shape, perspective and purpose – lead him to Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale where he truly began experiencing his passion for design. He immediately began working professionally designing and illustrating everything from web sites and brochures to 80-foot pylon signs. Jeffrey has received training on almost every aspect of design and production; photography, videography, video editing and transformation, web design, print design, 3D modeling, texturing, staging, rigging and key-frame animation to name a few. He is endlessly pursuing further education – more training – more seminars and, considering the pace of the market, doesn’t see an end to it. His fascination with quantum physics, religion, mythology, ecology, permaculture and society give him an integrated approach to design, as well as life, and a personal sense of purpose. Jeff brings a keen eye and professional expediency to Entropic Studio. Aside from design, Jeff is a seasoned photographer and can be found in his free time photographing local events and people.

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